Solid Oak Fairy Ladder


Solid oak Fairy Ladder.

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Does your tiny friend need a helping hand to reach their front door? We can help, with this tiny but sturdy oak ladder.

This ladder is made in our UK own workshops from solid oak, a natural wood from sustainable sources. This wood is suitable for outdoor use needing no extra treatment, but if you use a water based paint or felt-tipped pens to colour your windows you will need to varnish them before they go anywhere wet.

To paint this kit you can use a number of mediums; our favourite being acrylic paint as this gives a vibrant colour and dries waterproof. You can also use other paints such as oil and water based paints, also felt-tipped pens though these give a less vibrant colour on oak. Oak also takes wood stains, coloured varnishes and wax finishes beautifully, or simply leave it natural.

Being made from natural wood the grain patterning and colouring may vary slightly from the example shown.

This item contains 1 oak ladder measuring 19cm long and 2.5cm wide, supplied unpainted. Images of the ladder in finished fairy gardens are for example only.